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Verify a Candi® Canadian Diamond

Diamport has been offering Candi® canadian diamonds since 2005. Candi® diamonds are available in Rounds, Princess, and Cushion Cut and in sizes of .25ct and larger, SI2+ H+, in fine make (VG to Ideal).

All Candi® diamonds are minded from the Etkati mine in the Northwest Territories and are purchased from BHP Billitionā„¢, majority owners of the Etkati mine. If you wish to learn more about the source of Candi® diamonds, please visit

Each Candi® diamond is laser inscribed with a unique serial number, and accompanied by a "certificate of origin" card listing the serial number, the diamonds original rough weight and its' final polished weight. The canadian origin of any Candi® diamond can be verified through CanadaMarkā„¢, a subsidiary of BHP Billition at